Thank you cards

Upon finishing my internship at SYPartners, I decided to create something to thank the SYPeeps for being such awesome to work with, thus the birth of these thank you cards. Each card was make specially for that person. The front showcased an item from their desk (or a scene in the office) and a hand written note on the back. It's designed to look like a polaroid print to increase the keepsake-ness. Photos were taken with iPhone 5s.


将要结束 SYPartners 实习期,决定为每个人做一张独一无二的感谢卡。照片里的小物件来自各个同事的桌上,卡片背后则手写一段感谢短言。为了增加亲密感,我把卡片设计成宝丽来的格式。照片全用 iPhone 5s 拍。