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Yng Yng is a naturally curious person. She constantly observes her surroundings and takes in the goodness in practical designs, down to the smallest detail. She has a quirky personality that allows her to be free of expectation when it comes to creative thinking. She is currently working at Gensler.


When she is not designing and trying to get away with breaking design rules, she:

  • practices her handwriting and dabble in modern calligraphy
  • tries out new recipes (current : wok hei)
  • looks for the next Instagram shot
  • plan out future personal projects
  • day dreaming about camping trips

(Yng Yng pronounces as Ying Ying)


Recipe Inventions

_ Spinach spam fried rice _

leftover cooked cold rice 1 portion
loose frozen spinach, handful
a slice of spam (or other process meat), cubed / diced
a few cloves of garlic, sliced / minced
soy sauce to taste
cooking wine (can omit)
cooking oil

1_ big pan (so things don't get crowded), medium heat, cook the spinach till almost dry
2_ splash some cooking wine and soysauce on spinach
3_ push almost dried spinach to the side of pan, pan fry spam cubes in the middle of the pan
4_ push browned spam aside, drizzle some oil in the middle of the pan and saute garlics for a while
5_ before garlics are brown, push them around the pan and mix with spinach and spam
6_ make space for the pan's center again, drizzle some soysauce into the pan. while it sizzles, pour in the rice and stir to mix everything up
7_ after rice is warmed and the mixture is dry, taste before serving

*option 1: top with sunny side up to increase tastiness*

*option 2: drizzle little bit of sesame oil for more oriental flare