Daily Icons .1

Inspired by an online class on SkillShare.com, I decided to try my hands at making my first set of icons based on daily routines. These icons were so much fun! The making self-explanatory icons that fits within the same style is challenging yet fun!

每天标志 .1


Left to right: alarm, check mail, cleaning routine, change to work clothes, feed cat, check weather, bundle up, bus pass, employer ID, to do list, morning tea, toast, designing vectors, salad lunch, check mail.

Left to right: afternoon tea, snack, text messaging, kerning typographies, checked to do list, bundle up, bus pass, change out of work cloths, making dinner, noodle, social app, photo social app, change into pajamas, and turns off phone at bedtime.

Left to right: alarm, snooze, alarm, morning routine, shower, wet towels, cooking eggs, breakfast, french press coffee, coffee, helmet, clock in, cleaning, sandwich lunch, snack

Left to right: organizing at work, clocks out, helmet, change out of work clothes, beer, watch TV, pizza dinner, social app, 3D program, snack, console gaming, pajamas, mobile gaming, audio book app, and turns off phone at bed time.

Simplified daily icons

Simplified icons in tiny size where each icons are only 32 x 32 pixel. These icons can be found on my profile on The Noun Project.


32 成 32 像素大小的标志。这些标志可以在 The Noun Project 上找得到。

teeny icons